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Legislative Update – Week 2

January 26, 2015 / 2015-legislative-session , uncategorized / Comments Off on Legislative Update – Week 2

Legislation was introduced to provide additional local transportation funding options.  HB 1593 (McBride) gives cities the authority to establish transportation utilities, subject to voter approval.  A city transportation utility would be able to assess properties based on trip generation.  The bill also allows cities and counties to adopt a...

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Legislative Update – Week 1

January 18, 2015 / 2015-legislative-session , uncategorized / Comments Off on Legislative Update – Week 1

For the past three legislative sessions transportation funding has been identified as a high priority. Governor Inslee got the transportation funding discussion started with his own proposal this past December.  Governor Inslee proposes funding transportation with revenue generated by a new carbon cap-and-trade program.  The Governor’s proposal provides $12...

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2015 Legislative Session Begins

January 11, 2015 / 2015-legislative-session , uncategorized / Comments Off on 2015 Legislative Session Begins

The 64th Legislative Session begins tomorrow, Monday, January 12. The 105 day session runs until April 26th, unless the Governor calls them into special session. The legislature will be facing a number of issues with funding education at the top. The Tacoma News Tribune provides a good overview of...

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County Transportation Attainment Report Submitted

January 4, 2015 / reports , uncategorized / Comments Off on County Transportation Attainment Report Submitted

The first county transportation attainment report was submitted to the Office of Financial Management to be included in the state’s biennial mandated Transportation Attainment Report for 2015.  The 2008-2012 County Transportation Report outlines the county efforts related to state adopted transportation goals related to safety, preservation, mobility, stewardship, environment,...

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NACE 2015 Conference

January 3, 2015 / conferences , nace-conference , uncategorized / Comments Off on NACE 2015 Conference

Plan on joining the National Association of County Engineers in Volusia County (Daytona Beach) for the NACE 2015 Annual Meeting and Technical Confernce from April 19-23, 2015.  

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