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Legislative Update – Week 8

Senate transportation revenue and appropriation bills along with Senate transportation reform bills have been introduced in the House and referred to a various policy and fiscal committees for hearings.  The revenue and appropriation bills, ESSB 5987 and ESSB 5988 have been referred to the House Transportation Committee with hearings scheduled for the week of March 23rd.

The reform bills have been referred to several committees.  The most controversial bill, ESSB 5990, removes sales tax on state projects.  The bill when first introduced transferred the state portion of sales tax from the state general fund to the highway fund. The amended bill exempts state transportation projects from sales tax including local sales taxes.  ESSB 5990 has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee but no hearing has yet been set.

ESSB 5991, regarding transportation use of environmental legacy stewardship account, has been referred to the House Capital Budget Committee, ESB 5993, regarding transportation labor related issues, has been referred to the House Labor Committee, and ESSB 5994, regarding environmental permitting for state projects, has been referred to the House Environment Committee.  The remaining bills, ESSB 5992, ESSB 5995, ESSB 5996, and ESSB 5997 have all been referred to the House Transportation Committee, with no bills yet scheduled for hearing.

Several bills being tracked are awaiting a pull from the Rules Committee or are waiting for a floor vote.  If bills from the house of origin on not voted on by Wednesday, March 11th, they will be dead for the session unless they are necessary to implement the budget.

A complete list of bills being tracked can be found here.

Please contact Gary Rowe if you would like more information about any bills.