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Legislative Update – Week 4

Several bills are moving out of committee and on to the fiscal committees where necessary or on to the Rules Committee for consideration of a floor vote.  SHB 1180 was passed to the House Finance Committee.  The substitute bill allows a regional transportation agency (Sound Transit) to impose up to .8% excise tax on the value of motor vehicles, up to 1.4% sales tax, and $25/$1,000 assessed value all for high capacity transportation services.  The bill is scheduled for February 10th at 3:30pm.

HB 1219 exempting repair or replacing structurally deficient state bridges from SEPA was passed on to Rules.  A comparable bill, HB 1851, exempting county-owned structurally deficient bridges from SEPA is scheduled for hearing on February 9th at 1:30pm.

SB 5204, exempting emergency HPAs from permit fees, SB 5307, increasing deficit reimbursements for county ferries, and SB 5314, modifying use of WSDOT local storm water fees, were all passed on to Rules.  SSB 5411, providing local liability immunity for wheeled all-terrain vehicles was also passed on to Rules.

Bills scheduled for hearing this week include HB 1695, setting priority for aggregate recycling.  It’s companion, SB 5480, has been heard, but not yet scheduled for passage out of committee.  HB 1757, increasing local transportation options, is scheduled for hearing on February 11th.

A list of bills being tracked can be found here.

Please contact Gary Rowe if you would like more information about any bills.