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  • Transportation & Public Works Legislative Update (4-24-17) - The 105-day regular legislative session ended yesterday with no state operating budget adopted. The Governor has called them back into a special 30-day session starting today. Most legislators will head for home, leaving budget negotiators in Olympia to resolve the differences between the House and Senate proposals. The state transportation budget was adopted in the […]
  • Transportation & Public Works Legislative Update (4-4-17) - The legislative session passed another cutoff last week (3-29-17) when policy bills passed by either the House or Senate had to be passed out of committee in the opposite chamber. The next cutoff for fiscal bills is today, March 4th, at which time fiscal bills must be reported out of committee. Bills necessary to implement […]
  • Senate Releases Proposed 2017-19 Transportation Budget - The Senate released its nearly $8.7 billion spending plan for the 2017-19 biennium today.  The plan includes an increase of $166 million over the February, 2016 forecast. The budget provides $9.7 million for 2017-19 along with $25.1 million in direct distributions to counties that was adopted under the Connecting Washington Act in 2015. These funds are in addition to […]
  • Transportation & Public Works Legislative Update (3-10-17) - The legislature reached the cutoff where bills needed to pass out of the house of origin over to the opposite chamber for hearings.  Attention will now turn to the state budget.  The budget is expected to be out shortly after the new state revenue forecast comes out next week. There are a couple of bills […]
  • Transportation & Public Works Update (2-28-17) - The legislature’s fiscal bill cutoff was Friday, February 2oth, so several bills have been moved to the dead bill list. Several infrastructure financing bills did not make it past cutoff.  The Senate is focused on passing SB 5033 (Keiser), which gives authority to the Public Works Board to develop a bond-pooling program.  This bond-pooling program requires […]
  • Transportation & Public Works Update (2-20-17) - The 2017 legislative session passed its first cut-off milestone last Friday at which time policy bills needed to be reported out of committee.  Fiscal bills, including transportation and capital budget committee bills have until Friday, February 24th to get their bills reported out of committee.
  • Transportation & Public Works Update (2-13-17) - The first legislative cutoff is Friday, 2/17/17, so policy bills have to be passed out of committee for further consideration. Policy bills referred to fiscal committees have another week for consideration. Many of the bills being tracked are scheduled for executive session and we’ll soon know if they are alive or dead for the session.
  • Transportation & Public Works Legislative Update (2-6-17) - HB 1538, regarding contract retainage and bonding, was heard last week in the House Capital Budget Committee.  The bill allows a subcontractor to post a performance bond, even if the contractor has chosen the retainage option for a contract.  We testified with concerns that having this option will create new additional project administration requirements.  The […]
  • Fish Barrier Removal Project Funding Needed - The Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) estimates there are 35-40,000 man-made, complete and partial, fish passage barriers statewide in federal, state, county, city, tribal, railroad, and private ownership. State-owned fish barriers have received a lot of attention – and funding – in response to a federal court injunction requiring the removal of around 825 […]
  • Transportation & Public Works Legislative Update (1-30) - HB 1367, which allows counties to provide funding for maintenance of private roads, was heard in the House Local Government Committee, where we testified in opposition.  The bill is on the committee schedule on February 2nd for executive hearing to be reported out. HB 1165, which changes the opt-in vs. opt-out threshold for ATVs on […]
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