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Transportation & Public Works Update (2-20-17)

The 2017 legislative session passed its first cut-off milestone last Friday at which time policy bills needed to be reported out of committee.  Fiscal bills, including transportation and capital budget committee bills have until Friday, February 24th to get their bills reported out of committee.

HB 1367, which allows counties to spend public funds on private roads, did not make it out of the House Local Government Committee and is dead for the session.

SHB 1428, Department of Fish & Wildlife’s (WDFW) HPA bill, was reported out of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee with a substitute that removed the single family bulkhead and the civil enforcement sections.  The bill added a section that defines new limits for HPA jurisdiction.  The bill sponsor, Rep. Blake, has been working with stakeholders to see if a compromise can be reached on the bill to address the bulkhead, enforcement, and jurisdiction issues.

The Senate Natural Resources & Parks Committee reported out SSB 5228 with a substitute that establishes a joint legislative task force on hydraulic project approval program jurisdiction.

SHB 1760, was amended and reported out of Ag & Natural Resources over the objections of WDFW.  WDFW added a hefty fiscal statement to the bill claiming it will cost $1.2 million in the first biennium, and $600 thousand plus to administer in subsequent years.  The bill has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee which won’t likely pass it on farther.

Several bills have died in one chamber, but remain alive in the other body.  Once we get past the next cutoff, we’ll have a better idea on what’s tracking.

More information on bills being tracked can be found here.  Please contact me if you have any questions on any legislation.