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County Transportation Attainment Report Submitted


The first county transportation attainment report was submitted to the Office of Financial Management to be included in the state’s biennial mandated Transportation Attainment Report for 2015.  The 2008-2012 County Transportation Report outlines the county efforts related to state adopted transportation goals related to safety, preservation, mobility, stewardship, environment, and economic vitality.

The report includes data provided by counties to the County Road Administration Board (CRAB) and accident data collected by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.  Another first for counties is the transportation metrics dashboard developed in collaboration with CRAB.  The dashboard provides data for all 39 counties with the ability to drill down to individual counties.

County road preservation and safety are top priorities for counties.  Overall the average surface condition of county arterial roads statewide is around 93% fair and better condition with the number of miles in excellent condition slightly declining and the number of miles in fair and good condition increasing.  As is the trend on state highways, accidents on county roads have declined.

More information can be found in the report as well as the transportation metrics dashboard.